International Workshop: 'Does Technology Improve Football?'

International Workshop: 'Does Technology Improve Football?'

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Kan technologie voetbal verbeteren? Op deze vraag wordt een antwoord gegeven tijdens de workshop: 'Does Technology Improve Football?'. Onder leiding van de KU Leuven presenteert een internationaal panel van gerenommeerde experts en onderzoekers waardevolle, praktische en multidisciplinaire inzichten met betrekking tot het gebruik van technologie in voetbal.


Vanwege het internationale karakter is onderstaande tekst in het Engels.


In (semi-)professional football, clubs and federations invest resources and manpower into new technologies to support in a more professional way the team and the players to finally achieve better match performances and outcomes. These technologies include video tracking, global and local positioning systems (GPS and LPS), accelerometers, heart rate measurement, cloud-based database and athlete management systems along with various biological/physiological measurements such as hormonal and immune parameters, muscle damage, muscle strength, etc. All these technologies have resulted in a ‘data tsunami’ for technical, medical and other staff in professional team sports.


Why and how are such technologies implemented in professional football? What are the pros and cons of these technologies? What can coaches learn from it? Are they useful to improve the team-tactical performance? And finally, does technology improve football?


In this workshop, an international panel of renowned experts and researchers will present valuable, practical and multidisciplinary insights in relation to the use of technology in (semi-)professional football.


This workshop is an organization of KU Leuven, Faculty of Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences, Department of Movement Sciences. With support of TopsportsLab, Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen, Sport Vlaanderen, KVBV, BFC en BFC Pro.


Practical information
Date: Wednesday January 17th 2018
Location: Faculty of Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences, Building De Nayer (Aula 01.01), Tervuursevest 101, 3001 Leuven
Registration: by the following link
Price: Coaches / Staff / Others: €100; Students: €25

If you also wish to attend the doctoral defence of Arne Jaspers at 4 pm entitled “Identifying relevant load indicators for continuous monitoring in professional soccer”, please confirm your attendance to Arne Jaspers before January 12th 2018 (...).
Registration for the PhD is free of charge.


09:00  Welcome

by Prof. Dr. Werner Helsen
09:10  "Does technology improve my coaching as head manager?"

by Nigel Pearson, former Head Manager Premier League, currently OH Leuven

09:50  "Appropriate use of laboratory values in the management of internal load and disease."

by Prof. Dr. Tim Meyer, Team Physician German national team

10:30  "Differences between coaches’ and players’ perceptions of training intensity and recovery."

by Dr. Michel Brink (Sport Scientist University of Groningen)

11:10  Coffee Break
11:40  "Transition from elite youth to professional football: what is the missing link?"

by Prof. Dr. Werner Helsen, KU Leuven, Sport Scientist & Training Expert UEFA)

12:20  "How can tracking-data be used to improve team-tactical performance?"

by Dr. Wouter Frencken (FC Groningen & University of Groningen)

13:00  "The impact of sport science on the success of Leicester City and the Swedish national team"

by Dr. Paul Balsom, Head of Sport Science & Performance analysis Swedish national team & Leicester City FC

13:40  Closing
13:45  Sandwich Lunch


16:00 Doctoral Defence: Identifying relevant load indicators for continuous monitoring in professional soccer.

by Drs. Arne Jaspers, KU Leuven

Promoter: Prof. Dr. W. Helsen
Co-promoter: Prof. Dr. F. Staes
Co-promoter: Dr. M. Brink


More information
For more information and registration, check the website.


About KU Leuven
KU Leuven is one of the knowledge partners that are part of the Sports & Technology cluster. They are partner in the recently launched project The Vitality living lab.

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